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Family Disputes - Mediation Can Help

Family disputes and mediation

Catherine Henry Lawyers offers a targeted and specialised service in mediating and resolving family disputes, all of which makes good sense for financial and emotional reasons.

An early mediated resolution: a valuable approach

A mediated resolution of a dispute relating to senior family members is often a valuable approach as unresolved family disputes can cause the breakdown of family ties and relationships. Our advocates will work with your family members wherever they are located.

Family disputes may escalate

Disputes often follow a cycle and may start somewhat benignly as an expression of concern about mum or dad’s affairs. Yet things can quite easily escalate and include destructive exchanges between siblings and other family members, while ageing parents feel like pawns in a power play between their children.

Elder Mediation can help resolve family disputes

Our Elder Law practitioners are experts in protecting the interests of older people. We know that families often experience the devastating consequences of arguments about mum or dad’s affairs which might have been avoided by engaging a mediator at the earliest opportunity. Mediation allows for a controlled flow of communication between parties, resulting in a happier outcome for everyone.

When should you get in touch?  

We recommend that you request our services at the first sign of a dispute or disagreement within your family. It is important to act promptly to reduce the potential for escalation.

Our specialised team are available to be called in to mediate a dispute at any time, even if lawyers have already been engaged by family members.

For your family and your senior family member’s peace of mind and well-being, contact Catherine Henry Lawyers for more information about our services and costs. When expert assistance is required, the constructive process of mediation has many benefits. In our experience it is better to start sooner rather than later.

Specialised assistance

We might also recommend the involvement of a specialist solicitor from our Elder Law practice, a private social worker specialising in elder care, or a financial planner.

How to start?

You are welcome to call us for a confidential chat. Or simply complete our confidential online enquiry form.


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