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Who Pays The Debts When Someone Dies

Who pays the debts when someone dies?

Before any of the beneficiaries of a will can receive anything from an estate, the debts of a person who died must be paid from the assets of the estate.…

Living Will

COVID-19 highlights the importance of living wills

The COVID-19 pandemic is demonstrating the importance and usefulness of advance care directives (ACDs) – sometimes referred to “living wills”. We have been talking about ACDs for years but, as…

Estate Planning During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Estate planning during the Coronavirus outbreak

The importance of estate planning has been emphasised during the Coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has highlighted that, now more than ever, it is crucial to ensure you have up to…

Who Would You Trust With Your Estate

Would you trust one person to share your estate?

In 2017,  British television presenter and entertainer, Bruce Forsyth, passed away at the age of 89 years. According to media reports, he left an estate worth 17 million pounds to…

Deliberate Exclusion From A Will

Deliberate exclusion from a will

The deliberate exclusion of a child from a will happens surprisingly often. In one particular example, a daughter was intentionally left out of her mother’s will. Despite the daughter's claims…

Estate Planning Family Law

Why is estate planning important in family law?

Every family law situation is unique, so it’s important to ensure your estate planning arrangements have considered your current marital or relationship status and your future wishes. Consider this scenario……

Mental Capacity

Mental capacity and signing wills

It is quite often that concerns are raised following the death of a person (‘testator’) that they may have lacked mental capacity when they signed their will. For a will…

What Is A Private Financial Manager

What is a private financial manager?

You may have heard in the news recently the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) decided that NSW Trustee & Guardian could not require private financial managers to purchase a…

Can You Disinherit An Estranged Child

Can you disinherit an estranged child?

Are you entitled to disinherit a child who chooses to have no contact with you? It is an emotive issue, and one that many people have strong views about (on…

Buried Or Cremated? Who Has Final Say?

Buried or cremated…who gets the final say?

They are questions many people don’t want to think about…when you pass away will your body be buried or cremated? Where will your remains be placed? Perhaps you want your…

Second Marriages

Second marriages make for tricky wills

How can my will provide for my children from my first and second marriages? The number of people entering second marriages (or more) has been increasing over the last few…

Update Your Will

How often should you update your Will?

Don’t be fooled into thinking your will is something you can do once, then “set and forget”. Your will is an important document for your family’s future. Circumstances change and…

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