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Deliberate Exclusion From A Will

Deliberate exclusion from a will

  • 17/03/2020

The deliberate exclusion of a child from a will happens surprisingly often. In one particular example, a daughter was intentionally left out of her mother’s will. Despite the daughter's claims…

Relocating With Children Post-separation

Relocating with children post-separation

  • 16/03/2020

There are a whole host of reasons why a parent may be considering relocating with children post-separation: to be closer to family and friends, for a new job or partner,…

Your Business

Your business and family law – who gets what?

  • 06/03/2020

Family break-ups are rarely straightforward but when your business forms part of your separation, dividing the assets can be a fraught and complex affair. One of the fundamental steps in…

Access To Abortion In NSW

Access to abortion in NSW

  • 03/03/2020

In NSW, abortion is legal – however this wasn’t always the case. Whilst abortion is a widely practiced medical procedure in NSW and the rest of Australia, until recently it…

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