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Residential Aged Care
& Home Care

Are you considering aged care for yourself or a loved one? Are you worried about someone living in an aged care facility? Our Elder Law specialists can help.

We understand aged care

Aged care services are on the rise. Our Elder Lawyers have extensive experience in all aspects of residential aged care and home care, and can help you navigate this area.

We can explain, in an easy-to-understand way, how to select a suitable care solution along with the practical and legal processes involved in entering a residential aged care home. We’re across the complex legal environment of aged care and will discuss all the things you need to know, from payments to pensions.

“When selecting an aged care facility, it is important to bear in mind these things:

  • the location and amenities
  • the accommodation payment
  • affordability and value for money
  • the fees charged by the facility.”

Aged care contract specialists

Contracts for aged care facilities are complex and subject to relevant state and federal legislation. For example, the federal Aged Care Act 1997 covers subsidies and grants for aged care in Australia.

These contracts, sometimes called residential agreements or aged care contracts, set out all the conditions, financial and other obligations and rights that are involved in moving into, and living in, the facility. It’s a big commitment, and many people aren’t aware that they can ask questions and request changes to the contract.

It’s important to get the right professional advice when entering into these contracts. Our experienced Elder Law specialists are here to help you – before you sign on the dotted line.

How we can help

We have extensive experience assisting with residential aged care and home care, including:

  • residential aged care accommodation contracts
  • abuse, neglect and mistreatment in an aged care facility
  • home care contracts
  • other aged care complaints.

We're here to help you.

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If you have questions, would like some more information about us or our services or simply want to speak to someone, make an enquiry and a member of our Elder Law team will be in touch with you shortly. 

> what our clients say

"I just wanted to touch base and thank you all so, so much for the support, patience, empathy and care you have shown me throughout this process.

... your compassion, kindness and determination to progress forward and remain positive really did make it easier"

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