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Improved Care For Aged Care Residents

Vulnerable older Australians miss out in Budget

  • 06/04/2019

This week’s Federal Budget did little for older Hunter people, particularly the growing number of vulnerable people needing aged care at home or in facilities. Our politicians all say older…

Royal Commission into Aged Care begins

  • 24/01/2019

The preliminary hearings for the Royal Commission into aged care commenced on 18 January 2019. There was a call for submissions regarding: The quality of aged care services being delivered;…

Common Stories Of Elder Abuse

Common Stories of Financial Elder Abuse

  • 18/06/2018

Financial elder abuse is no longer a hidden problem. The 2017 ALRC report ‘Elder Abuse – A National Legal Response’ has elevated the prevalence of elder abuse as a national…

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

  • 15/06/2018

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15)  shines a spotlight on increasing financial abuse. Local elder law expert calls on Governments to take faster action to prevent it  A local…

Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse – A National Legal Response

  • 13/06/2018

The Australian Law Reform Commission report ‘Elder Abuse – A National Legal Response (ALRC Report 131) was released in May 2017 and elevates the prevalence of elder abuse as a…

Pallative Care

National Palliative Care Week

  • 23/05/2018

This week is National Palliative Care week, the aim is to raise the community’s awareness and understanding about palliative care. It is the treatment a person and their loved ones…

Aged Care Policy

New Aged Care Policy Falls Woefully Short

  • 11/05/2018

The Federal Government’s latest aged care policy announcement falls significantly short of what’s required to address the crisis in aged care. From January 1, 2019 a new, “independent” Aged Care…

What Is A Private Financial Manager

What is a private financial manager?

  • 22/08/2017

You may have heard in the news recently the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) decided that NSW Trustee & Guardian could not require private financial managers to purchase a…

ALRC Inquiry Elder Abuse

ALRC Inquiry into Elder Abuse

  • 15/12/2016

Financial abuse can have a devastating effect on an elderly person, impacting their living arrangements, their ability to pay bills and possibly even their health. Worryingly, the statistics show perpetrators…

We Need To Talk About Dying

We Need to Talk About Dying

  • 28/11/2016

Death is not always sudden. Most of us will die slowly, not always peacefully, in an uneven series of ups and downs until it’s over. Most people accept the inevitability…

Facing Reality When Dementia Is Diagnosed

Facing Financial Reality when Dementia is Diagnosed

  • 14/11/2016

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, the most common cause of dementia, can wreak havoc on even the best financial planning for retirement. Alzheimer’s is incurable, and about 5.4 million people in the…

Is Jogging Bad For Older People?

Is Jogging Bad for Older People?

  • 08/11/2016

Keen joggers love getting out to have a run, even in high summer when they inevitably lose gallons of fluid in perspiration, and their face is the colour of beetroot!…

Carers' Week 2016

National Carers’ week 2016

  • 19/10/2016

It is National Carers' Week from 16 October to 23 October, a time to pay tribute to the many thousands of carers who provide unpaid care and support to family…

Alzheimer’s Breakthrough? Not Just Yet.

  • 22/08/2016

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this statement was true! It is certain that many institutions are working hard on a cure, but we are not quite there. Firstly, a few…

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