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End of Life Care

The legal issues surrounding dying and end of life care are particularly complex. With empathy and understanding, we have the experience to help you navigate your way through these complexities.

Unparalleled experience and care

End of life decisions and legal issues are complex and nuanced and can add to the grief and stress felt by both family members and medical professionals.

Our End of Life Care team has unparalleled experience in the many layers of law in this area. From euthanasia to organ donation, palliative care and guardianship, our lawyers can explain in clear terms how the law applies to your situation and what options should be considered.

 Working with a team of other medico-legal experts, and nurses and other professionals who have extensive clinical experience and specialised medical knowledge, you can be sure that you will get the advice and support you need when dealing with the most difficult of circumstances and legal issues.

How we can help

We have extensive experience in the legal aspects surrounding death and end of life care, including:

  • advanced care directives including the implementation of an advance care directive or appointment of guardian if no advance care directive exists
  • palliative care and the timing of administering palliative medication including issues around hastening of death
  • withdrawal of treatment issues including consent to medical treatment involving consideration of issues of capacity and whether a guardian needs to be appointed or an appointment exercised and end of life decision-making regarding treatment for children involving issues of competency
  • assisting with the request for an autopsy and liaising with the Coroner’s office
  • organ and tissue donation from deceased donors including consideration of next of kin decision-making
  • euthanasia and assisted dying.

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