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In the Community

Our lawyers are all active contributors to their local community.

Catherine Henry Lawyers – its solicitors and other staff – actively support the community, law reform, and the development of the legal profession. We use our knowledge and capabilities to provide a complete legal service to clients. Our free podcast, e-books and other blogs help the community to better understand current legal issues and their rights.

Community Advocacy

We advocate on community issues – especially those relating to women and the vulnerable – as well as for law reform in critical areas such health and aged care.

Other lawyers and support staff in the firm are involved with

Probono Legal Support

Our lawyers undertake probono work and provide legal support to select community campaigns.

Sponsorships and Charity Support

We sponsor a range of legal and community programs and events. Our staff also fundraise for a range of charities and volunteer with community groups. Some of our key sponsorships include:

Legal Profession Development

Our lawyers are all members of the Newcastle Law Society and many are members of other legal industry groups.  We play our part in improving our profession, including to ensure gender equity.

Community Support and Recognition

While it is not why we do it, our support for the community has been recognised through various awards.

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