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Obstetric Negligence

We are currently helping clients who suffered obstetric negligence or experienced poor or inappropriate care from Dr Emil Gayed and other disgraced obstetricians and doctors.

The aspect of medical care that has to do with pregnancy and childbirth is known as obstetrics. Obstetric negligence can be referred to as a circumstance whereby a doctor or physician acts negligently towards the care given to a patient during pregnancy or childbirth.

Some examples of obstetric negligence are:

  • Administering incorrect medications or treatments during pregnancy
  • Wrong advice or medical treatment regarding gestational diabetes
  • Various types of medical misdiagnosis during pregnancy or childbirth
  • Errors that result in premature birth
  • Medical errors resulting in birth injuries or birth defects
  • Negligence during labor, such as negligence with regards to anesthesia
  • Surgical negligence concerning a Caesarian section operation
  • Special cases, such as those resulting in wrongful conception or birth

Our health lawyers handle the full spectrum of obstetric negligence cases  including:

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