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Surgical Negligence

Surgical errors can occur in any number of ways, some more harmful than others. In almost all surgical negligence cases, however, the damage suffered to patients is the result of negligent care for which surgeons and medical professionals should be held accountable.

Common areas include: 

  • failing to conduct surgery with the appropriate care and skill
  • providing the wrong type or dose of an anaesthetic or drug
  • providing unsuitable or inadequate post-operative care
  • failing to properly inform a patient of risks that occurred during surgery or post-operative care
  • incorrectly reporting or failing to act on test results.
  • poor surgical aftercare

If you or a loved one has suffered from surgical negligence, contact a lawyer right away. No matter how shocking or negligent the error, the responsibility to prove a case of negligence is on the patient’s legal team, so time is of the essence.

Our health lawyers handle cases across all types of surgical negligence including:

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