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Granny Flats,
Family Arrangements & Family Loans

Granny flats and other shared family living arrangements may be an attractive and practical option as you move into a new life stage – but the convenience comes with legal and financial risks.

Why you need advice before building a granny flat or sharing living arrangements

Perhaps you are looking at building a granny flat in your adult child’s backyard? Or you are planning to pool resources to buy a property? Or perhaps you are considering passing your property on to a loved one provided you can continue to live in part of the house for the rest of your life?

You might be looking forward to the care and love that these arrangements promise, however in all of these scenarios you need a “granny flat agreement” to protect your finances and your future.

Getting advice, and entering into a “granny flat agreement” can address the issues that may crop up:

  • what happens if you have a “fallout” down the track?
  • how will it affect your pension?
  • are there capital gains tax implications?
  • what happens if your child gets into financial troubles and has to sell?
  • what happens if your child’s marriage falls apart or they become ill?
  • how might this affect your will?

Protecting your future

Unfortunately, the family and legal issues outlined above can and do come up. We just can’t predict the future.

We can, however, help you protect your future and reduce the risk that you’ll find yourself without a home and without other options. Read more about granny flat arrangements and speak to one of our experienced Elder Law specialists before you move forward with your plans.

“When considering the idea of a granny flat, the important thing to keep in mind is that the first step you should take is to speak to your lawyer and your financial planner to discuss the financial implications and legal risks – which will help you decide if it really is the best arrangement for you.”

How we can help

We have extensive experience assisting with granny flat agreements and other shared living arrangements, including:

  • advice on family agreements and living arrangements
  • granny flat agreements and documenting arrangements
  • pension and estate planning advice
  • documenting family loans
  • dealing with family disputes and mediation.

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"I just wanted to touch base and thank you all so, so much for the support, patience, empathy and care you have shown me throughout this process.

... your compassion, kindness and determination to progress forward and remain positive really did make it easier"

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