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Care Trend Shows New Stolen Generation

Care trend shows new Stolen Generation

For those of you who thought the Stolen Generation was a thing of the past - think again. The annual Family Matters report - issued this week – shows that…

Parenting Matters

Parenting Matters FAQs

Here at Catherine Henry Lawyers, our experienced family law team are often asked a variety of questions related to parenting matters. In this blog post, we've compiled a few of…

Relocating With Children Post-separation

Relocating with children post-separation

There are a whole host of reasons why a parent may be considering relocating with children post-separation: to be closer to family and friends, for a new job or partner,…

Your Business

Your business and family law – who gets what?

Family break-ups are rarely straightforward but when your business forms part of your separation, dividing the assets can be a fraught and complex affair. One of the fundamental steps in…

Facts Spousal Maintenance

10 facts about spousal maintenance

Following separation, a spousal maintenance order can be made by the Court for one party to provide financial assistance to the other party. In this article we talk you through…

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance | A case study

Spousal maintenance is financial support paid by a spouse to their former partner in circumstances where they are unable to sufficiently support themselves. According to the Family Court of Australia,…

Guide To Family Law Mediation

A Guide to Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a great method of resolving a dispute in both parenting and property matters in family law.  Two of the biggest advantages of family law mediation are the time…

Discretionary Trust Property Settlement

Discretionary trusts and property settlements

What happens in a family law property settlement when property is held in a discretionary trust? It’s important to start with the basics. Section 79(1) of the Family Law Act…

Parenting Arrangements After Separation

Parenting arrangements after separation

In October 2019 the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) released a report with statistics on parenting arrangements after separation. We’ve compiled some of the more interesting statistics below. The…

Future Of Family Law

The future of family law

There has been increased discussion in the media recently about the future of family law. You might recall our article from earlier this year which discussed some of the main…

Parenting Through Separation

Supportive parenting through separation

Parenting through separation can be stressful for both you and your children. As family lawyers, we see how damaging a separation can be on a child. This month, I attended…

Self-managed super funds and property settlements

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are on the rise! Both in numbers and in value of assets held. We make the following general points regarding self-managed super funds and property settlements.…

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