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Women’s health is different to that of men. Women report more episodes of ill health, consult doctors and other health professionals more regularly, and take more medication than men. They also live longer and spend more time in hospital, not only for reproductive reasons but for other gynaecological complaints.

The implications of ill health can be particularly serious for women. Besides pain and suffering, a woman may struggle to hold a job, care for her family, perform domestic duties or maintain close relationships. The resultant loss of confidence and self-esteem can add to her problems.

As major consumers of health care, it is not surprising that women make more complaints against health providers than men. Sadly, the research also shows that women’s health complaints are not always taken seriously and even be trivialised by health professionals.

You have a right to safe, well-considered medical treatment performed by qualified, ethical professionals. If you have suffered from inappropriate or negligent treatment, resulting in your physical or psychological harm, you may be entitled to legal redress and compensation.

Catherine Henry Lawyers specialist team of skilled medical and health lawyers are experienced professionals who can assist victims of the medical system.

Catherine Henry Lawyers will:

  • listen sympathetically and confidentially to your case
  • provide clear explanations of your legal rights and options
  • recommend a suitable course of action – weighing chances of success, impact on you and prospects for payment of damages
  • prepare your case with a thorough knowledge of all relevant medical and legal principles
  • bring together expert medical witnesses to gather relevant medical records and whose evidence may be crucial to your case
  • examine and advise on the legal status of consent forms, birth plans or other contractual agreements entered into before medical treatment
  • refer you to other professionals to assist you to return to normal life.

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