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Improved Care For Aged Care Residents

Vulnerable older Australians miss out in Budget

This week’s Federal Budget did little for older Hunter people, particularly the growing number of vulnerable people needing aged care at home or in facilities. Our politicians all say older…

Strained Family Dynamics – Mediation Will Help

As loved ones age, their needs and behaviours change. Invariably, these changes impact all family members, and strain family dynamics.  Several factors may work against effective communication - such as…

Alzheimer's - Is There A Cure?

Alzheimer’s – Is There a Cure?

Alzheimer's disease.  More than 40 million people worldwide suffer from it, and that number is expected to increase drastically in the coming years. But no real progress has been made…

Elder Mediation In Aged Care

Elder Mediation in Elder Care

Elder Mediation - you may not have heard the term before, but, with an ageing population, the emerging practice of elder mediation could soon become a staple in age-related care.…

Wills Estates Advanced Care Directives

Family Strife Over Elder Care? An Elder Mediation Could Help

One or both parents requiring care can create serious stresses and conflicts within families. Sometimes disagreements  and misunderstandings over elder care or inheritance issues can lead families to break apart, affecting descendants…

Elder Mediation

Mediation Program – Resolving Conflicts in Aged Care

Facilitated mediation may be an effective way to resolve conflicts between older people, their families and care providers. Preliminary results from a specialised conflict resolution program for seniors, run between a…

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