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Senior Citizens Working Full Time in Their 80s and 90s Are Not The Retiring Type

Senior Citizens Working Full Time In Their 80s And 90s Are Not The Retiring Type

According to a recent article in The Age, Victoria, when it comes to the Australian work ethic, there is one group that can’t wait to retire and another that can’t wait to go to work.

At the age of 92, Jean Beanham puts in more than 38 hours at the family’s motorcycle spare parts business that was established in 1955.  She says she doesn’t like holidays, working is her life and keeps her brain and body active.  “When you get old, you need your brain working” she says.

Inspirational employee Annabelle Sacher, at 84 years of age, manages a clothes store in Spring Street, Melbourne.  She arrives in the city at 7am, goes for a coffee, and is in the store at 7.45am.  “I’ve always been a workaholic,” she says. “I’m extremely lucky that I love my job. This job has been some of the best years of my life.”

Tireless worker Neil Clerehan, a 93 year old architect, wears a smart suit to the office every day.  He works from home then arrives at his practice at 11am five days a week.   “Just do the job as well as you can,” is his motto. “If you love your job, the fixed retirement age is crazy. If people don’t like their job, they should be able to retire at 40.”

So… is your work ethic?

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