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A medication or prescription error not only results in a person taking medication that is not clinically indicated, which may of itself cause injury or harm. It can also result in the person’s underlying illness or condition not being treated promptly or at all which, again, can cause injury or harm.

Medication or prescription errors can have devastating, sometimes fatal consequences. By their nature, they are caused by human error – when a health practitioner either prescribes the wrong medication or administers an incorrect dose of the right medicine.

Drug errors result in patients taking medication which is not clinically indicated and which may cause injury or harm. As well as being given a potentially harmful drug, an error usually means that a patient is not receiving the right medication to treat their condition, which can result in further deterioration.

Drug administration becomes very complex for patients who are receiving a number of different drugs at the same time. Sometimes a drug will have side effects or contraindications which means they are not safe for people with certain medical conditions. This also includes administration of medication where a patient has an allergy to it. Some drugs, like Gentamicin and even Paracetamol have the potential to create toxicity in certain patients.

Catherine Henry has conducted numerous Gentamicin toxicity cases with successful outcomes.

If you have concerns about medication errors, side effects or toxicity, contact us today.

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