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Advance Care Directives

Why have an Advance Care Directive

Advance Care Directives are often overlooked, but no less important than other estate planning documents. For instance, you may have organised your estate planning documents, and appointed an Enduring Guardian, but does your nominated guardian or your family know what your wishes are in relation to any medical treatment?  An Advance Care Directive allows you to clearly spell out what sort of medical treatment you would prefer, or not prefer, at a point in the future should you be unable to make the decision yourself.

Having an Advance Care Directive, and discussing with your family, your end-of-life wishes will make it much easier for your loved ones to make decisions about your care in the event of unplanned circumstances, and take away any guilt they may suffer because they were unaware of your wishes.

Each Australian State has its own form of Advance Care Directive, although they are similar.  If you wish to discuss your own Advance Care Directive, or receive advice about one, contact our office to make an appointment.

Follow this link for a NSW Government video on Advance Care Directives

Follow this link for more information on Advance Care Directives

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