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Transitioning from retirement into volunteering

Transitioning From Retirement Into Volunteering

We’ve all heard of transitioning to retirement, but what about transitioning from retirement.

I know of so many people who enter into retirement and then tell me they have never been so busy! Why is this? Perhaps we take longer to do things, or we are busy catching up on the many interests we left untouched when we were in employment, or with friends we hadn’t seen as much as we would have liked.

Despite this “busyness”, there are many retirees or semi-retirees who find the time to volunteer and find enormous satisfaction, and even, in some cases, some part time work.

This article, written by Chris Farrell, Unretirement Expert from the USA reveals that Chris provides advice to those transitioning from retirement into volunteering, which often leads to part time work. He tells the story of Terry Araman, of Phoenix, who “may have had the shortest retirement I’ve come across working on [his unretirement column].” After four days of retirement, Terry said: ‘This isn’t going to work for me”, and sought advice from Chris about volunteering into the nonprofit sector.

After deciding on some volunteer work, Terry later told Chris that “Volunteering is a great way to find out if you are a good fit for the organisation.  So many things have to match up. Your skills. The culture. Will the organisation work with you if you want flexibility and time?”

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By Lyn Lucas

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