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Age Discrimination – what is it?

Age Discrimination - What Is It?

Age discrimination – you’ve probably felt it before; when someone defines your abilities by your age, or assumes you can’t contribute because you’re too young or that you wouldn’t understand because you’re too old. That’s age discrimination, and it’s getting worse.

It can happen to us all, but it hits older Australians hardest. It is happening even as Australians are living, working and staying active for longer. It is holding us back at a time when mature Australians are becoming more and more vital for Australian business as employers, employees, producers and consumers.

We are all getting older, so it’s time to stop this kind of discrimination before it stops us. Help us to put the positivity back into ageing. The Australian Human Rights Commission has produced some amusing (and sobering) videos on age discrimination and you can view them here.

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