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Diagnosis and Treatment of Melanoma: New Clinical Practice Guidelines


The Cancer Council Australian and Melanoma Institute Australia have released new guidelines regarding the prevention, diagnosis and management of melanoma. Melanoma accounts for 12% of all new cancers diagnosed in Australia. The prognosis for a large proportion of sufferers is excellent, if melanoma is caught early. Sadly, for around 10% of sufferers, this skin cancer will prove fatal.

Treatment of melanoma in recent years has changed dramatically due to significant amounts of research and many world-first clinical drug trials. The new guidelines seek to distil some of the advances made in research and treatment for healthcare professionals.

Professor Georgina Long, an oncologist at Melanoma Institute Australia, said that “these sweeping changes to the melanoma clinical care guidelines are evidence based and have a huge potential to save lives and benefit patients across the country”.

The new guidelines implemented can be found here.

We have acted for clients who have experienced delay in the diagnosis of melanoma. It is noteworthy that the guidelines emphasise the importance of careful history taking by practitioners. It is recommended that “any lesion that continues to grow or change in size, shape, colour or elevation over a period of more than one month should be biopsied and assessed histologically or referred for expert opinion”.

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