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A Summary Of Medical Negligence Cases

A summary of medical negligence cases

Read a summary of medical negligence cases conducted by our health and medical lawyers.


  • Failure to diagnose retinal detachment
  • Failure to diagnose maxillofacial injury
  • Failure to diagnose footdrop following orthopaedic injury
  • Failure to diagnose subhepatic collection following surgery
  • Failure to diagnose compartment syndrome
  • Failure to diagnose infection following placement of plaster cast
  • Failure to diagnose bladder injury during surgery
  • Failure to diagnose melanoma
  • Failure to diagnose squamous cell carcinoma
  • Misdiagnosis of malignant brain lesion
  • Misdiagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia


  • Failure to appropriately manage surgical aftercare
  • Failure to provide appropriately qualified surgical personnel
  • Failure to prevent intraabdominal injury during surgery
  • Failure to appropriately follow infection control procedures following surgery
  • Failure to prevent development of compartment syndrome
  • Failure to remove lesion
  • Negligent surgical management of ganglion in hand
  • Leaving vaginal pack in situ during surgical procedure
  • Negligent performance of appendectomy
  • Negligent performance of hemicolectomy
  • Failure to perform emergency surgery in timely fashion


  • Negligent performance of lithotomy procedure
  • Negligent performance of hysterectomy
  • Negligent performance of laparoscopic procedure
  • Negligent performance of cystoscopy03
  • Unnecessary hysterectomy

Mental health

  • Failure to monitor community treatment order
  • Failure to take adequate steps to prevent suicide
  • Failure to guard against injury whilst in special care unit
  • Negligent diagnosis of mental illness
  • Failure to monitor and treat deteriorating mental health

Failure to refer/treat

  • Regarding dysplastic squamous epithelium
  • Regarding aortic valve disease
  • Negligent delegation of duty to inappropriately qualified personnel

Failure to advise

  • Of results of nuchal translucency testing
  • Of risks of medication
  • Of results of testing for breast cancer
  • Of results of testing for uterine cancer
  • Of results of PSA testing

Negligent treatment

  • Administering Lignocaine injection when not indicated
  • Failure to have available appropriate resuscitation equipment in surgery
  • Negligently performed septal reconstruction
  • Negligent treatment at Accident and Emergency Department


  • Failure to treat infection following arthroscopic procedure
  • Unnecessary hip replacement
  • Negligent hip replacement surgery leading to leg length discrepancy


  • Failure to perform appropriate cardiac testing
  • Failure to diagnose cardiac condition
  • Failure to properly diagnose aortic valve disease
  • Negligently performed cardiac catheterisation
  • Negligently performed cardiac angioplasty
  • Failure to seek advice and input from cardiac surgeon
  • Failure to diagnose myocardial infarct


  • Negligent delivery in the presence of shoulder dystocia
  • Negligent delivery causing fracture of the baby’s humerus
  • Failure to detect and act upon in a timely manner foetal distress during labour
  • Negligent administration of Syntocin
  • Inappropriate augmentation of labour via Syntocin
  • Failure to appropriately manage high risk pregnancy causing neonatal death
  • Failure to induce delivery so as to prevent neonatal death
  • Failure to diagnose maternal sepsis during pregnancy leading to maternal death
  • Failure to properly assess progress of labour
  • Failure to diagnose intraperitoneal bleed during late stage of pregnancy
  • Failure to perform emergency c-section in presence of foetal distress
  • Failure to screen for GBS colonisation during pregnancy
  • Undertaking instrumental delivery without adequate anaesthesia
  • Undertaking caesarean section without adequate anaesthesia
  • Performing manual removal of placenta without appropriate anaesthesia
  • Failure to properly manage second stage of labour

Wrongful birth

  • Following negligently performed vasectomy
  • Following negligently performed tubal ligation
  • Following negligently performed sterilisation procedure
  • Following failure to inform of foetal abnormality during antenatal testing
  • Following misdiagnosis of pregnancy

Prescribing/dispensing errors

  • Inappropriate prescription of medication
  • Negligent prescription of Schedule 8 medication
  • Dispensing wrong medication
  • Negligent dispensing of Webster pack
  • Prescribing morphine by self-administration

Breach of privacy


  • Performing surgery without consent
  • Performing hysterectomy without consent
  • Performing laser therapy on unauthorised areas

If you would like further information on any of these matters, please contact one of our expert health lawyers on 02 4929 3995 or info@catherinehenrylawyers.com.au.

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