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Property Settlement FAQs

Property Settlement FAQs

When can I do a property settlement? You can do a property settlement at any time following separation.  If you…



Parental responsibility and living arrangements When people separate an important question is what happens with the children?  There are two…

Applying For Divorce

Applying for divorce

Few of life’s challenges are more stressful than the breakdown of a marriage. Australia’s divorce laws, set out in the…

Healthcare Needs Of Prisoners

Health Care Needs of Prisoners

The health care needs of prisoners differ to those of the general population. Access to appropriate medical treatment is often…



Gentamicin has been recognised for many years, at least since 1989, as a very efficacious drug but one that has…

Complaints about Dentists in NSW

The chances are that most registered dentists and dental practitioners will be the subject of a notification (complaint) at some…

Sepsis On The Rise

Sepsis on the rise

Sepsis is on the rise. There are three times as many cases of sepsis and almost twice as many Australians…

What is an Enduring Guardian?

An enduring guardian is someone you appoint, at a time when you have capacity, to make personal, health or lifestyle…

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