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It’s a sad fact that sometimes our experiences with the healthcare system don’t go according to plan

At Catherine Henry Lawyers, we can help you understand your rights and claim for any wrongdoing.

Our lawyers are experts in all areas of health and medical law including medical negligence, medical malpractice, women’s health, reproductive law, dust diseases and more.

Our specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the health and medical law area is widely acknowledged in the legal profession, as well as outside of it. That’s why we’ve become the preferred referral firm for many other lawyers in NSW and the ACT who need specialist advice in health and medical law.

Our Approach

We know that medical and health law often involve a different set of complexities and sensitivities to other areas of the law. We also understand that a lot of people don’t know where to start when it comes to getting answers from their health professionals, or they fear that rocking the boat will put their personal and professional relationships at risk.

That’s why our health law team combines robust representation with pragmatic, sensitive advice that takes into account your personal circumstances as well as the law.

We cut out the jargon and discuss your options practically and simply, so that you get the best possible result.

For assistance with your health law issue


Gentamicin has been recognised for many years, at least since…

Making An Aged Care Complaint
Making an Aged Care Complaint

Do we have – as some suggest – an aged…

Stillbirth And Neonatal Deaths
Stillbirth and Neonatal death

The vast majority of pregnancies end happily with a healthy…

Informed Consent
Informed Consent

In the eyes of the law, a person cannot consent…

Complaints about Medical Practitioners in NSW

The chances are that most registered medical practitioners will be…


Early detection of cancer is critical for obtaining a good…

Complaints about Psychologists in NSW

The chances are that most registered psychologists will be the…

Healthcare Needs Of Prisoners
Health Care Needs of Prisoners

The health care needs of prisoners differ to those of…

Resolving A Medical Dispute
Resolving a Medical Dispute – Is litigation your only option?

Only a relatively small number of cases go to court.…


Surrogacy refers to an arrangement made under which a woman…

Attending a medico-legal appointment

As part of your claim, you will be required to…

Gastric Band Surgery
Gastric banding & weight loss surgery

Gastric banding is a procedure whereby a band is positioned…

Pelvic Mesh
How pelvic mesh affects women

Pelvic mesh is a loosely woven sheet which is used…

Pregnancy And Birth: ART Terms Explained
Pregnancy and Birth – ART terms explained

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) ART refers to the technology used…

Medical Negligence Claims
Medical Negligence FAQs

What is a medical negligence claim? A medical negligence claim…

Mental Health and the Law

The Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW) The Mental Health Act…

Elder Mediation
Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation can be a useful tool as people age…

Coroners Court
Coronial Inquests – NSW

The Office of the State Coroner may become involved if…

How To Respond To Complaints
How to respond to complaints

The knee-jerk reaction to complaints is often to view them…

Abortion: law and practice

Background It is interesting that abortion, a widely practiced medical…

Advanced Care Directives
Advanced Care Directives

Advanced Care Directives are often overlooked, but no less important…

A Summary Of Medical Negligence Cases
A summary of medical negligence cases

Read a summary of medical negligence cases conducted by our health…

Medication Errors
Medication errors

Prescription or medication errors arise when the wrong medication or…

Birth Trauma
What is Birth Trauma and what legal options are available?

Birth trauma refers to a wide variety of medical conditions…

Pressure sores

What are pressure sores? Pressure sores, also known as pressure…

Claims for gynaecological injury during childbirth

When a mother sustains a gynaecological injury during childbirth, often…

Complaints about Dentists in NSW

The chances are that most registered dentists and dental practitioners will…

Dental Negligence Claims
Dental negligence claims

Although the legal principles in pursuing dental negligence claims are no different to…

Regulation Of Chiropractors
Complaints about Chiropractors in NSW

Formal Complaints NSW has a co-regulatory framework, which essentially means…

Hormone replacement therapy

Various drugs collectively known as Hormone Replacement Therapy (“HRT”) have…

Our Health Law Team

Catherine Henry

Catherine Henry


Chandrika Darroch

SENIOR ASSOCIATE | BInSt LLB Dip Leg Prac AccSpec(Personal Injury)
Lucy Wilk

Lucy Wilk

Jane Bulter

Jane Bulter

SENIOR SOLICITOR | BA Hons Dip Law (LPAB) Grad Dip Leg Prac MHL (Current candidate)
Lidia Monteverdi

Lidia Monteverdi

Tom Hunter-Leahy

Tom Hunter-Leahy

SOLICITOR | BCom LLB Grad Dip Leg Prac
Hayley O'Brien

Hayley O’Brien

SOLICITOR | BA LLB (Hons) Dip Leg Prac
Judy Manning

Judy Manning

Cathy Lyons

Cathy Lyons

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