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The breakdown of a relationship is a difficult time

Primary Logo_Black_FamilyIt is emotionally difficult. There will be many important practical issues to resolve. Maybe you have to find a new place to live. Finances may be an immediate issue. Property needs to be divided. Arrangements need to be put in place for children.

It is important to have the help of a caring and experienced lawyer who specialises in family law. Someone who can give you clear advice about your situation. Someone who can give you a clear path forward.

Our Approach

We see the following things as very important:

  • We listen to you and find out what you want.
  • We give you the very best advice.
  • Most cases (whether financial or parenting) can be resolved. Effort needs to be put into this. An early resolution will allow you to get on with your life. It will save you money.
  • Some cases can’t be resolved. The case needs to go to court for a Judge to make a decision. You need an experienced lawyer on your side so that you get the best possible result.
  • We give you an estimate of legal costs.

Fresh Start Plan

If you need advice about a property settlement then we suggest that you book in for our Fresh Start Plan.

What is the Fresh Start Plan? It involves:

  • A fixed fee
  • A meeting of up to 2 hours with one of our family lawyers
  • A detailed written report giving you advice about: the likely outcome, what further information is needed, recommended steps to take and legal fees

Legal Aid

In appropriate cases we represent family law clients who are in receipt of legal aid.

We require you to:

  1. Have the grant of legal aid in place before we commence acting for you.
  2. Pay any compulsory client contribution at the time we first meet you.

for assistance with family law

Our Family Law Team

Alan Wright

Alan Wright

Ashlea Taylor

Ashlea Taylor

Simone Schwartz

Simone Schwartz

Family Dispute Resolution
Mediation (family Dispute Resolution)
Mediation (family dispute resolution)

At Catherine Henry Lawyers we believe in trying to resolve matters as quickly as possible, as long as you can come to a good outcome.  One of the possible steps in trying to resolve matters is Mediation (sometimes called family…

Applying For Divorce
Applying for divorce

Few of life’s challenges are more stressful than the breakdown of a marriage. Australia’s divorce laws, set out in the Family Law Act, operate on a ‘no fault’ system. You don’t need to show any wrong doing to get divorced.…

Calculating Child Support
Calculating child support

Calculating the amount of child support to be paid can be complicated but, keeping it simple, it is determined by: The number of children The income of each parent The care arrangements for the child i.e. how much time they…


Parental responsibility and living arrangements When people separate an important question is what happens with the children?  There are two main issues to consider: - Parental responsibility. This refers to the duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which a parent has…

De Facto Relationships (including Same Sex Relationships)
De Facto Relationships (including Same Sex Relationships)

A person is in a de facto relationship with another person if:- the persons are not married to each other; the persons are not related by family; and they have a relationship as a couple living together on a genuine…

Spousal Maintenance
Spousal maintenance

What is spousal maintenance? Following separation, a Spousal Maintenance Order can be made by the Court for one party to provide financial assistance to the other party. Usually this is a periodic payment (weekly/fortnightly/monthly). Sometimes it can be a lump…

Property Settlements: Marriage And De Facto Relationships
Property Settlements: Marriage and De Facto Relationships

One of the most difficult things about separating can be dividing your assets. When to start the process You don’t have to wait until you’ve been separated for a certain period or divorced before you sort out a property settlement.…

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