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We recognise that older people have their own special legal needs

We also recognise that, unfortunately, our older people are also often some of society’s most vulnerable and exploited.

If you or someone you care for is looking to move into a retirement village or aged care facility, we can help you understand your rights and obligations so that you know exactly what you’re signing and what you’re entitled to.

We can also help make sure you stay in control of both your assets and your decision making by giving you advice on and drafting range of legal instruments such as powers of attorney, powers of enduring guardian and advanced care directives.

We’re also one of Australia’s premier law firms when it comes to aged care litigation. So we can also help you get the answers you need when someone close to you hasn’t been afforded the dignity they deserve while in aged care.

Our Approach

Catherine Henry Lawyers provides robust representation and holds aged care providers to account.

Our team has decades of experience in health and medical law, estate planning, and elder law mediation.

We all have a strong interest in making sure the voices of the elderly and their families are heard and respected.

We can also help with Wills and Probate, Estate Planning, Guardianship issues and litigation, Disputed Wills, Aged care residential accommodation and planning, and Conveyancing.

Catherine Henry Lawyers also works in the community to help inform the elderly and their families. We are part of, and organise, events relating to growing older, including presentations, workshops and symposiums.

for assistance with Elder Law issues

Our Elder Law Team

Catherine Henry Aged Care

Catherine Henry

Lucy Wilk

Lucy Wilk

Monique Smiles

Monique Smiles

Marlene F

Marlene Fleming

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