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Seniors’ Housing Shortage

Seniors’ Housing Shortage

A seniors’ housing shortage has been identified in a recent report authored by Professor Wendy Lacey from the Faculty of Law at The University of South Australia and Dr Eileen Webb from The University of Western Australia’s law faculty. The report concludes that the Federal Government needs to provide leadership on the shortage of seniors housing, while not-for-profit providers could do more to deliver more age-appropriate accommodation.  State and local governments also needed to work closely together to achieve the overall objective of providing a variety of suitable housing types in established areas, the report said.

Australia requires a whole-of-government approach to address the pressing shortage of age-appropriate and affordable housing for seniors, according to a new report from the National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre.

The report added that the Federal Government seems to be “distancing itself from housing issues” generally and national leadership has been neglected for some time.  “There has been a lack of leadership and cooperation between all levels of government in relation to the housing agenda generally,” the authors concluded.

“Housing issues, particularly affordability and availability, are often spoken about but little, it seems, is being done to address the issues. This is particularly the case with seniors’ housing, yet a focus on seniors’ housing options by all levels of government has the potential to stimulate options for the housing market as a whole.”

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