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How To Discuss Care Issues With An Elderly Parent

How to Discuss Care Issues with an Elderly Parent

We know that we inevitably need to discuss care issues with our ageing parents, but actually having “the conversation” is not easy, nor is finding the right time to have that conversation.  But it is so important to make this happen, not only to understand how your ageing parent is managing, but also to cover any concerns they may have as to their future.

You will also have concerns as to how you will manage the changes in your life if more demands are made on your time, and the time you spend with your own family, so it is vital that this conversation take place while your parent is still able to express their ideas and worries, and plans can be put into place should a trauma such as a sudden illness, a fall, or a stroke occurs.  If family members are aware of the parent’s wishes, then coping with such a traumatic event will be easier as each member will know what they need to do.

If you are finding it difficult to discuss care issues, then Elder Mediation can help. An Elder Mediator is an independent unbiased person who will facilitate a family discussion focussing on the best interests of the elder person, and how best to involve the family in these arrangements.

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Catherine Henry Partner’s Lyn Lucas has specialist training in Elder Mediation and is available for your enquiries.


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