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Children And The Elderly – Making A Difference

Children and the Elderly – Making a Difference

Mackay mother, Khloe Dales is the mastermind behind a new initiative that is encouraging young children and their families to visit people in nursing homes.

She says Little High Fives has only been running for the past month, but it has already gained attention from people in Townsville, Rockhampton and out west who want it in their region as well.  “I started it because I wanted to participate in a program where I could take my little one along to visit the elderly and try and brighten their day,” Khloe said.

Nursing homes are noticing a difference in their elderly residents, who look forward to the young children coming to visit.

Judy Read is involved in Alzheimer’s Australia in Mackay and she says the new initiative Khloe has started is wonderful.  “I’d like to see it go to the dementia wards,” Judy said.

“It is wonderful because Alzheimer people go back in life … when they had their young children themselves and it is remarkable what happens.  “Some people that haven’t spoken for months, when a little baby walks in all of a sudden they start to talk.”

She says the initiative Khloe started in north Queensland has already been happening overseas, and research has shown that it is successful in stimulating the minds of the elderly. Children and the elderly have proven to be a success story.

Click on this link to read more about this great initiative.

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