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Negligent Care Within Aged Care Facilities All Too Common | Our Client’s Story

Posted on 11th November 2020
Catherine Henry Lawyers
Catherine Henry Lawyers

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Negligent Care Within Aged Care


We acted for the daughter and granddaughter of a man (Mr W) who died as a result of the negligent care he received at an aged cared facility in Parramatta, New South Wales.

In the year Mr W was resident in the facility, he suffered from a significant deterioration in his condition. The man died within 12 months of becoming a resident.

After repeated requests from the family, the man was transferred to hospital where he was diagnosed with several complications, including dehydration and a lower respiratory infection. By this time, it was too late, and the much-loved father and grandfather died several days later.

We alleged that the aged care facility failed to provide Mr W with meals of pureed food and assist him with feeding; failed to ensure that Mr W was hydrated and failed to diagnose and treat his respiratory tract infection, eventually leading to his death.

Our client was not notified of her grandfather’s deteriorating health and was only made aware when she telephoned the service herself and was told that he had been unwell for some weeks. The family repeatedly expressed their concerns regarding the health of their family member and their concerns were largely ignored or met by indirect answers.

The man’s granddaughter expressed her grief over the negligent acts of the aged facility, stating: “I felt Pop was getting starved to death, and he looked like it. When I walked in there, it was like he was already dead, laying on the bed. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did,” she said.

An investigation into the death found that the care was grossly inadequate, and our clients were able to achieve a successful outcome.

Unfortunately, negligent care administered by aged care facilities is all too common. If a loved one has died in an aged care facility which you believe could have been avoided or was a result of negligent care talk to us about the options available to you.

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