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Ignoring a High-Risk Pregnancy | Our Client’s Story

High Risk Pregnancy

We represented a disabled child and her parents in a birth trauma case. Our client’s mother was 42 at the time of the pregnancy and a very small woman, weighing only 51kg and 152cm in height. Antenatal testing demonstrated that our client was likely to be a large baby, making this a high-risk pregnancy.

There was a prolonged attempt to deliver our client vaginally by vacuum extraction and the use of forceps. We obtained expert evidence to show that because of the high-risk pregnancy our client should only have been delivered by c-section. Instead and during a very difficult labour the umbilical cord prolapsed and the CTG trace became pathological. An emergency c-section was performed but far too late to avoid severe damage to our client.

At birth, our client was diagnosed with cerebral palsy of the spastic quadriplegia type and she has never walked or talked. She requires around the clock care and will depend on carers for all her daily needs for the rest of her life.

We obtained an interim payment during the case to help fund client’s needs throughout the legal process. The case was finally resolved for a substantial sum to cover our client’s needs for the remainder of her life. Our client’s mother also resolved her claim for a sum that compensated her for her injuries and to allow her to obtain psychological treatment.

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