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Guide To Family Law Mediation

A Guide to Family Law Mediation

  • 26/05/2018

Mediation is a great method of resolving a dispute in both parenting and property matters in family law.  Two of the biggest advantages of family law mediation are the time…


A review into the family law system

  • 06/10/2017

In this year's budget, it was announced that the Family Law Act is to undergo major review.  The investigations into possible reforms were due to commence on 1 October. Over…

Property Settlement Process

How long will my property settlement take?

  • 21/08/2017

I am often asked "How long will my property settlement take?"  It is a difficult question to answer. In a typical family law property settlement, the matter usually proceeds as…

The wishes of children & relocation

  • 09/06/2017

Sometimes after separation one party wants to relocate with the children. How should you go about this and what impact does the wishes of the children have? The recent case…

Online Family Law Resources

New online family law resources

  • 13/10/2016

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has recently added two online family law resources to its MoneySmart website. One resource is the Divorce and Separation financial checklist. It lists…

New Tax Impacts

New Tax Impacts Family Law Settlements

  • 27/09/2016

Why family law settlements in Australia must factor in the new foreign resident capital gains withholding tax This is a new and complicated area of law that will affect a…


Breaking up is (not) hard to do – with eDivorce 

  • 09/09/2016

Applying for a divorce has become a whole lot simpler with the Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia’s eDivorce strategy.  eDivorce is a completely electronic process…

Solicitor Confidential

Is what I tell my solicitor confidential?

  • 23/08/2016

Solicitors are bound by conduct rules which govern the way we practice law. One of those rules is the obligation to maintain a client’s confidentiality. A solicitor must not disclose…

Division Of A Business

Your business and family law – who gets what?

  • 19/07/2016

Family break-ups are rarely straightforward but when a couple separates and there’s a business involved, dividing the assets can be a fraught and complex affair. One of the fundamental steps…

8 Things Family Law

8 things you probably didn’t know about Family Law

  • 23/06/2016

8 things you probably didn't know about Family Law. 1. Jurisdiction to determine property and spousal maintenance applications In 2009, most of the states and territories referred jurisdiction to determine…

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