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Managing A Child’s My Health Record In A Blended Family

Managing a child’s My Health Record in a blended family

Prior to 31 January 2019, Australians had the opportunity to decide if they wanted a My Health Record (MHR) and to opt out if they didn’t want one. If you did not opt out, then a My Health Record has been created for you. If you have dependant children on your Medicare card and you did not opt out on their behalf, then a My Health Record has been created for them too.

But what happens if you decide that you don’t want your child to have a My Health Record? What happens if you initially opted out for your child, but you would now like them to have a My Health Record? What if that child isn’t on your Medicare card because, for example, you are not their biological parent?

If the child is on your Medicare card, you can manage their MHR by calling the Australian Digital Health Agency on 1800 723 471 or by logging into your myGov account. You can also register your child for a My Health Record by completing this form.

Things can be a little more difficult for parents in blended families.

Anyone with parental responsibility or legal authority to act on behalf of a child can apply to the Australian Digital Health Agency to manage a child’s MHR as an authorised representative. This can include step-parents, non-biological parents or guardians.

A current authorised representative of a child (for example, a biological parent) can also invite another person to view and manage that child’s record as a nominated representative.

It’s important to be aware that once a child turns 14, parents will no longer have access to their My Health Record unless they are invited to access this as a nominated representative.

Lucy Wilk, Senior Associate, recently wrote a helpful article setting out what a My Health Record is and things to think about when deciding whether or not you would like one for yourself and your children.

If you would like to speak with Lucy Wilk or any of our specialised Health Law solicitors, call today on 4929 3995.

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