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Family Provision Claim

Family provision claim

What is a family provision claim? Our legal system has long recognised a person’s freedom to make a will and dispose of property in any way the person sees fit.…

Will Disputes: Notional Estates

Will disputes: Notional Estates

With the New South Wales Supreme Court having recently been charged with considering the adequacy of provision from the estate of the late Neville Wran (view the article), it is…

Can You Disinherit An Estranged Child?

Can you disinherit an estranged child?

Are you entitled to disinherit a child who chooses to have no contact with you? It is an emotive issue, and one that many people have strong views about (on…

Second Marriages Make For Tricky Wills

Second marriages make for tricky wills

How can my will provide for my children from my first and second marriages? The number of people entering second marriages (or more) has been increasing over the last few…

Deliberate Exclusion From A Will

Deliberate exclusion from a will

The deliberate exclusion of a child from a will happens surprisingly often. In one particular example, a daughter was intentionally left out of her mother’s will. Despite the daughter's claims…

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