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What Is An Enduring Guardian?

What is an Enduring Guardian?

An enduring guardian is someone you appoint, at a time when you have capacity, to make personal, health or lifestyle decisions on your behalf should you lose the capacity to…

Wills and Estates

Who’s going to inherit your estate after you die? Let’s be honest, dying isn’t something you’re especially keen to think about. But whether you like it or not, eventually someone…

What If Something Happens To Me? – Part 2

What If Something Happens to Me? – Part 2

This is the second part of our blog which deals with making decisions for later life. Part one dealt with financial decisions which you can read here. Health and lifestyle…

Elder Abuse – A National Legal Response

Elder Abuse – A National Legal Response

The Australian Law Reform Commission report ‘Elder Abuse – A National Legal Response (ALRC Report 131) was released in May 2017 and elevates the prevalence of elder abuse as a…

Power Of Attorney: What Is It?

Power of attorney: what is it?

A power of attorney is a legal document made by a person, who is called the ‘principal’, that appoints another person to deal with the principal’s money, bank accounts, shares,…

What If Something Happens To Me? – Part 1

What If Something Happens to Me? – Part 1

Assistance on making decisions for later life Most of our lives we are used to making decisions about financial, legal and health matters on our own or with people close…

We'll listen. We'll make sure you are heard.

We'll listen. We'll make sure you are heard.

Our clients say....

“Please know I will be forever grateful to you and the team and I can’t thank you enough for not only your ongoing support, guidance and advice but for your compassion as well, it meant a lot to me.”

"I just wanted to thank you and your team for facilitating a successful outcome in my case."

"Having a team working so hard for me, and with heartfelt determination, helped me not to give in. Thank you!"

"Before speaking with your firm, I was at the point of giving up hope. Thankyou to everyone who contributed to the successful outcome of my medical negligence claim."

"I cannot thank you enough for supporting me through this. I will be forever grateful."

"I just want to say a big thank you to all who have been involved in our case and really appreciate the compassion that you and CHL have shown throughout the years."

"I wanted to thank you personally for your help, care, and efficiency. You have been brilliant at simplifying this process for me and you will be regarded highly in looking back on this massive personal milestone."

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, such a great outcome and so great that we did not have to attend mediation - makes it so much easier on everyone. I really could not have done it without…

"With grateful thanks for everything you have done for us."

"Sincere thanks for a successful outcome to our case. We will be forever grateful and now look forward to a new chapter in our lives."


"Thanks for the efficient handling of what could have been quite a daunting conference for us yesterday. Was great to meet the three of you and appreciate the ease, friendliness, informality and approachability you showed us."


"Alan’s credentials spoke for themselves, but after meeting him for the first time I knew I’d made the right choice. Alan’s calm, level headed demeanour and his no-nonsense approach made the whole process as easy as something like this could…


"Alan, I continue to seek your advice as you are a good listener in understanding my issues and provide clear and good advice in a timely manner."    


"If you need to prepare or update your estate planning docs... highly recommend."  


"Catherine, now that the litigation is finally finished, I want to thank you again for all you did for me. Life was particularly challenging for some time prior to my meeting you.  Your knowledge, skills, wisdom and compassion made a huge…


"During the hard times and needing someone you can trust, I wouldn’t see anyone else than Alan Wright. He is professional, available, knows the Law and has the experience. I’m ever so grateful."


"I would highly recommend... to anyone courageous enough to start their own journey of seeking justice while at the same time healing. I certainly didn't expect the level of support I received."  


"I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you. If it wasn’t for your hard work and commitment to me and my son, I don’t know what I would have done without you all."

T & S

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help you have provided to get this matter across the line. I really appreciate it."  

"Thank you for all your work and hanging in with me."

"Thank you for your wonderful support. I feel I now have justice because you fought for me."

"Thank you so much for all your time and effort investigating my case for me. So glad to have met you... things can only improve for me from hereon-in."

"I thank you and your firm for the great work you did on my behalf. I am very satisfied with the results and am now looking forward to getting on with my life. So again thanks for your support and…

"Words can never express how fortunate we feel having a competent and caring people-focused person to represent us."  

"Thank you very much for all your advice and assistance with the matter. It was an extremely difficult and trying time for me and your professionalism and strength were very much appreciated."

"I’d like to personally thank you for your efforts over the last three years. Thanks to your advice, skill and effort, our daughter will now be able to buy her own home. The outcome of this matter has made a…

"With sincere thanks for all your patient advice, your preparedness to listen and grasp my fears and financial struggles, your kind assistance and your faith in me."


"You really were instrumental in helping us to get to a place where we could have our baby in peace and we are grateful for all your help."

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all the hard work you did for my medical negligence case. I felt very fortunate to have a female solicitor as it made it much easier for me to talk about…

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