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The Federal Government’s Failure to Address the Crisis in Aged Care

The Federal Government’s Failure To Address The Crisis In Aged Care

We have been advocating for a better level of care for all residents of aged care facilities by expressing our disappointment with the Federal Government’s latest aged care “reform” and budget measures. They do nothing to address the real issues behind the crisis in the aged care sector. Our comments have been picked up by local media which is an important way to generate community debate on the important topic of #agedcarereform to tackle abuse and substandard care in aged care facilities.

The announcement of an a new Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission by the Government last month falls woefully short of what is needed. Merging three agencies that have long been regarded as ineffective – lacking independence, transparency and accountability – may create bureaucratic efficiencies but does not by itself lead to better clinical care.

What is needed is proactive structural reform; measures that prevent inadequate clinical care and neglect of aged-care residents.

Mandated staff to resident ratios are one measure shown elsewhere in the world to have a positive impact. We have such ratios in child care centres and hospitals so why not aged care facilities?

There was no announcement on ratios in the #Budget either. While funding for an additional 14,000 in home care places is welcome to help people to remain in their home there was nothing in the budget to improve care for the 170,000 plus residents of aged care facilities despite a crisis of substandard care.

Our Managing Partner, Catherine Henry, was interviewed by the Newcastle Herald, 1233 ABC Newcastle (Listen HERE), NBN Television news, 2NURFM and 2HD about her reaction to the Budget. The Newcastle Herald  also published Catherine’s opinion piece about the inadequacy of the announcement to establish an Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Please feel free to share our comments and the articles on social media. We need to continue to advocate for mandated ratios and better, independent and transparent regulation of the aged care sector to reduce the many stories that abound of abuse and inadequate care of frail Australians in aged care facilities. Use the hashtag #agedcarereform

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