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Why you need both legal and financial advice during a property settlement

Legal And Financial Advice

A family law separation is one of the most significant financial events of your life. Often you will need legal and financial advice for your property settlement.

For example, you might need assistance from:

  • An accountant, if you are receiving investments which may attract capital gains tax on subsequent sale;
  • An accountant, if you need to unravel a business e.g. ending a partnership, sorting out loan accounts in a company etc.;
  • An accountant and/or a financial planner, if there is a self-managed super fund to unravel;
  • A financial planner, if you are receiving a large sum of money in your property settlement and need advice on what would be the best way to apply the money e.g. buy a property, put money in super etc.;
  • A financial planner, where you need advice on whether it would be better for you to take a greater amount of super over property, or vice versa;
  • A mortgage broker, if you need to apply for a loan to refinance a mortgage or payout your ex.

Catherine Henry Lawyers is part of the Lake Macquarie Business Hub – a team of professional lawyers, accountants, financial planners and mortgage brokers, all under the one roof. As part of your property settlement we can work collaboratively with you and any of these professionals to provide legal and financial advice that will put you in the best position to rebuild your financial future.

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