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I need to do a property settlement, but my finances are tied up… what do I do?

I Need To Do A Property Settlement, But My Finances Are Tied Up… What Do I Do?

We often have people contact us who have separated, but their finances are tied up in assets jointly owned with the other party, or they are a stay at home parent and do not have the day-to-day cash flow to pay for a solicitor. This can be a helpless feeling and can feel to some that they have to agree with what the other party is offering because they cannot afford to negotiate the matter any further.

In a lot of cases, Catherine Henry Lawyers can still assist you in negotiating your property settlement, even though you aren’t able to afford your legal fees upfront. This is because we are accredited with Plenti Legal Finance (“Plenti”), Australia’s leading provider of loans for family law.

The process is relatively simple. You complete an online application form with Plenti. Plenti then contact us to submit a Lawyer Case Summary. Once these two things have been completed, Plenti will assess your application. If approved, Plenti will pay your fees as your matter progresses. They place a caveat or charge on your real or personal property as security for their loan to you. When your matter is complete, the loan from Plenti is first repaid from the funds that you receive in the property settlement and the caveat/charge is withdrawn. You get the remaining balance.

There is a lending criteria, fees and charges associated with the loan from Plenti, so you should carefully read the disclosure documents to ensure that the product is right for you. We are unable to provide you with financial advice regarding the loan. However, you are encouraged to seek your own financial advice before applying for a loan with Plenti.

If you need assistance with family law matters, our experienced team are here to help. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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