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Waking Up From General Anaesthetic On The Operating Table – Our Client’s Story

Waking Up From General Anaesthetic On The Operating Table – Our Client’s Story

We acted for a cosmetic surgery patient who was administered general anaesthetic during a breast augmentation and lift.

The surgery was performed by a cosmetic surgeon – a general practitioner with the basic degrees of medicine and surgery but holding no specialist qualifications in surgery.

Inadequate anaesthetic was administered and our client regained consciousness during the surgery.

There was no anaesthetist present during the surgery – the cosmetic surgeon administered and monitored our client’s general anaesthesia.

The surgery was done in a technically incompetent manner according to our independent experts – specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Our client was left with significant scarring, deformed areolae and was traumatised.

In regard to the administration of general anaesthetic, the experts both agreed that our client had been an inadequate dose of Fentanyl – causing her to wake during the procedure. She was also given a toxic dose of local anaesthetic, which could have resulted in serious complications, according to both of our experts. Both said emphatically that an anaesthetist was required to have been present – to administer the correct dose of anaesthetic and to manage any complications that might arise. They considered it to have been extremely dangerous for the surgeon who performed the surgery to have also been the one administering the anaesthetic.

We were able to achieve a quick and favourable settlement for our client prior to a hearing and conducted the matter on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

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