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Pelvic mesh patient’s pain was immediate | Our Client’s Story

Pelvic Mesh Patient

We acted for a patient from Northern NSW who suffered numerous injuries connected to the use of pelvic mesh.

After having four children, our client developed pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. She consulted a NSW gynaecologist who advised that a Tissue Fixation System (TFS), involving the placement of mesh slings and anchors into her pelvic cavity, would improve her condition. He described the surgery as being ‘minimally invasive and anatomically restorative’.

The surgery, which was meant to be one hour with an overnight stay, turned into a five-hour ordeal and a five day stay in hospital. Our client started experiencing problems straight away, including terrible night sweats, insomnia, pain in her pelvis and shooting pains down her legs.

Despite these unfortunate consequences, three months after the surgery the gynaecologist described the results as ‘absolutely exceptional’, ‘symptom-free’ and that any abnormalities were unrelated to the surgery. Unsatisfied with this response, and concerned with the development of a painful lump, our client sought a second opinion from another gynaecologist. After being assessed, she was told that the mesh tapes had migrated and that it was the ‘worst case of TFS complications’ he had ever seen.

Even after having removal surgery with another gynaecologist, our client was left with serious complications including pain, bedwetting, night sweats, ongoing auto immune system symptoms such as coughs, colds, lethargy, bulging and bloating in the stomach, inability to exercise, nocturia and psychological symptoms of apparent depression and anxiety.

The complaints made by our client against the gynaecologist included that the TFS system was a novel procedure with little clinical evidence in support, the doctor had a personal and financial incentive in advancing the use of the TFS system, and his licence was subject to a condition requiring him to be supervised by another doctor in performing the type of operation that he performed on our client. Of course, she knew nothing of this until after the surgery. Our client was also among the category of women for whom the mesh was not recommended.

We helped our client to resolve a claim for damages against the gynaecologist.

The gynaecologist, although now retired, has now been disqualified from seeking registration as a medical practitioner for five years.

If you or a loved one has experienced complications resulting from insertion of vaginal mesh (particularly TFS) our caring, expert female lawyers can help advocate for you and seek justice. Please talk to us about the options available to you.

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