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Negligent Breast Augmentation performed by Suspended Cosmetic Surgeon | Our Client’s Story

Posted on 15th May 2019
Catherine Henry Lawyers
Catherine Henry Lawyers

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breast augmentation suspended cosmetic surgeon

We’ve helped our client, Krystal Bailey, to successfully settle a case for a negligent breast augmentation against suspended cosmetic surgeon Dr Leslie Blackstock.

Krystal’s experience

Dozens of women have made allegations of inappropriate and unprofessional conduct and health care at the hands of Dr Blackstock.

These allegations include: procedures being performed without an anaesthetist; asking patients while sedated if they are satisfied with the appearance of their breasts, no examination or assessment pre-procedure, surgery having to be redone multiple times, and incompetently managing complications from his surgery.

Krystal was told by suspended cosmetic surgeon Dr Blackstock that he could fix a “double bubble” deformity which had developed following a breast augmentation procedure she had in 2014.

She consented to having “560 extra high profile” implants inserted into her breasts in 2015. She says while under anaesthetic Dr Blackstock informed her he didn’t have the 560 implants and sought consent to insert “580 moderate profile” implants.

The surgery failed to fix her deformity. Dr Blackstock’s remedy was to replace her implants with even larger ones. That procedure didn’t fix the problem and her breasts dropped significantly under the weight of the new implants.

A different plastic surgeon told Krystal her implants were too large and needed to be replaced with smaller implants. Dr Blackstock again replaced the implants but in the three months that followed, a cavity formed in the skin between the plaintiff’s breasts.

At the end of 2015 Krystal had further breast augmentation surgery where Dr Blackstock inserted the originally proposed “560 extra high profile” implants.

Krystal will need further surgery but won’t have it performed by Dr Blackstock. She continues to suffer disfigurement of her breasts and the process has left her in debt and impacted her mental health.

Seeking justice and compensation

Krystal had spent tens of thousands of dollars on surgery but still had not fixed her deformity. Her issue was worse, and she faced more surgery that she couldn’t afford.

The time she had taken off for breast augmentation surgery meant she was not able to work as much. She had started putting expenses on credit cards to survive.

Depressed and facing mounting debt Krystal says she felt really lost.

“I had worked hard to get the breasts I wanted, and Dr Blackstock took all that away from me.”

“I didn’t get what I asked for from Dr Blackstock but I felt powerless to do anything about it.”

“I thought no one is going to believe me; take my side over a doctor.”

Finally, friends convinced Krystal that she needed to seek justice for what had happened to her.

When she heard that Dr Blackstock’s Facebook page had shut down, because a lot of women were making negative comments about breast augmentation surgeries, she realised she was not alone.

“I was not the only woman to whom these things had happened.”

“It was comforting and gave me courage to act.”

“I spent a lot of time phoning around various solicitors before I found Catherine Henry Lawyers.”

“A number of firms told me they didn’t do that sort of medical law work or that I may not be able to get compensation.”

Not just about money

For me, getting a lawyer wasn’t about getting money. I just wanted to, needed to, be rid of my debt. I needed to pay for the surgery I had been through and my future corrective surgery.

“I hope he never gets to operate again, and no other women goes through what I went through.”

“It isn’t just the botched surgery; it is the fact that he lied about his qualifications.”

“He was arrogant, rude and he didn’t care. He didn’t show any remorse for his actions.”

“Taking legal action helps other women and helps change the practices or stops people like Dr Blackstock.”

“Catherine Henry Lawyers’ team talked to me about how I could be entitled to more than just payment for my surgery.”

The Catherine Henry Lawyers’ Experience

Krystal broke down the first time she went to Catherine Henry Lawyers’ offices.

“There was instant relief that someone was listening to me and thought they could help me.”

“But re-telling my story was stressful, daunting and scary.”

She says there were lots of ups and downs.

“At times I couldn’t cope – with all the information I needed to provide.”

“I thought this is never going to go anywhere.”

“But the lawyers at Catherine Henry were always there for me – to talk me through it.”

“Whether it was talking about finances or simply to comfort me when I was feeling stressed.”

“They went above and beyond and always took the time to console me.”

“Settling before mediation was an important because it saved me time, money and stress.”

If you or a loved one has experienced poor treatment from a health care practitioner, our caring, expert female lawyers can help advocate for you and seek justice. Please talk to us about the options available to you.

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