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Health & Medical Law

Our health and medical lawyers are recognised experts, with extensive experience in providing advice and representation across the full breadth of health and medical law and policy

Health & Medical lawyers you can trust

Our award-winning Health & Medical Law team is led by Catherine Henry, who has more than three decades of experience in the health legal field and is regional Australia’s leading medical lawyer.

Australian Law Awards Regional Lawyer of the Year, 2020

Australian Civil Justice Award, 2020

NSW Local Woman of the Year (Newcastle), 2021

Our team’s experience includes both litigious and non-litigious work and extends to challenging poor health outcomes through litigation and advocacy, disciplinary and regulatory work for health professionals, reproductive health transactions, appearing in inquest matters and conducting large-scale litigation for defective health products.

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If you have questions, would like some more information about us or our services or simply want to speak to someone, make an enquiry and a member of our Health & Medical Law team will be in touch with you shortly. 

Health & Medical lawyers with unparalleled expertise and experience

Our Health & Medical lawyers are regularly asked to comment in the media and present at conferences and seminars on health law topics. We’ve also served on state and Federal boards and health law committees. We follow overseas trends and exchange professional information with health law specialists in the UK, US and Canada – always looking for new ways we can provide the best service for our clients.

We are committed to the principles of justice in this area, working with people who often receive inequitable health treatment and resourcing including First Nations people, the frail aged, regional Australians and those living with a mental illness or disability.

Health & Medical law services

We act for people from Newcastle, the Hunter Valley, Sydney and throughout NSW.

Have you experienced an unexpected health outcome? Or do you need help simply navigating the health system?

Find the support you need with our experienced medical lawyers.

We understand the dilemmas and unexpected outcomes that can occur where the law and the health system intersect.

We know the consequences that can flow on to impact so many areas of your life.

We also have a comprehensive understanding of the options available to help you achieve your aims or restore your life back to normal, as far as possible, and move forward.

"We understand that poor medical treatment can turn a person’s life upside down and we work to ensure that those impacted are supported – both from within the firm and outside – while we work to achieve the best possible result"

Our Health & Medical lawyers can help

Our expert health and medical lawyers, nurses and other professionals work together to guide you through the legal processes with as little stress as possible.

One of our experienced medical lawyers will listen carefully to your story and explain – clearly and simply – where you stand and what options are available to you. You’ll understand what type of outcome you can expect if you take things further.

If you have had an adverse outcome following health or medical treatment, then you will initially talk to a nurse who has the medical knowledge and clinical experience to understand your health situation.

Medical negligence cases, in particular, can involve a dispute at several different levels. The issues raised may involve doctors or other health professionals, insurers and various layers of bureaucracy.

We have the range of skills and experience to handle the legal complexities and bureaucratic challenges – so you can focus on what matters most to you.

"I love helping people re-build their lives. I love getting them to accept that we can get proper and fair compensation for them if they’ve experienced negligence."

> what our clients say

“I thank you and your firm for the great work you did on my behalf. I am very satisfied with the results and am now looking forward to getting on with my life...,

... thanks for your support and belief in my case and me.”

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